Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Create a Ripple Effect in Your Dating Life

Do you know why it's smart to talk to anyone, anywhere, even if that person doesn't seem to be your type? Well, if you throw a pebble into the dating pool, it can have a significant ripple effect that is sure to benefit you.

Having a genuine interest in getting to know new people and keeping an open mind while you're networking might end up being more valuable than you think. You never know who that person might introduce you to in the future. Similarly, if you meet someone you like, but you don't feel a love connection, why not offer to set him or her up with a friend? One good turn deserves another, I say.

Think twice before you turn down an invitation to a party or an opportunity to expand your network of friends and potential dates. Seek like-minded people who can introduce you to colleagues of a similar quality. Expanding your network will ensure a life rich with opportunity and happy times.