Thursday, 9 February 2012

Glamour Mag Reveals Why Valentine's Day is Not Just For Ladies

Based upon an It's Just Lunch survey debunking Valentine's Day myths released earlier this month, Glamour magazine has reveals why the "Hallmark Holiday is more mutual than you might think."

The It's Just Lunch surveyed over 750 single men and women about Valentine's Day.  While many singles may view the days as "couples only" or even disparage it as a "Hallmark holiday," the survey suggested that many see the 14th as a day to try something new or even expand one's dating boundaries.

The article states that "rather than the dude taking it upon himself to plan the special day, 54% believe that the couple should plan the date together."

The article went on to highlight  that "a larger percentage of women said the best gift would be a certificate for an activity that both parties can enjoy together."

While going out is popular, one date idea is to cook the Valentine's Day meal together.

It's Just Lunch Toronto director Jacquie Brownridge suggests making a dish from a favorite vacation destination, homemade pizzas where you combined each of your favorite toppings or a recipe that reminds you of one of the first restaurants you visited.

Use the shared time in the kitchen to turn up the heat in your relationship. This is the time for you to interact on a personal level with your partner and even flirt a bit.   Be a good listener, make meaningful eye contact, smile, laugh, touch your partner and enjoy your time with your other half.

So, what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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