Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Second Date? How to Handle the End of Your First Date

The dinner is done. The tab has been split. The after-dinner mint consumed. Now what? Do you ask for a second date or let the moment pass? Well, to be frank, this is the part of the date that everyone hates.

Let Them Down Gently
If you're not interested in seeing them again, it's important to be straightforward. If the person isn't right for you, then it's better to deal with it head on right now than have it drag out over several emails, texts and IMs. Most people appreciate it when you speak your mind, but make sure you don't just dump your feelings on them. Be responsible and be kind. Don't make false promises about what may come next if you're not into it. Just thank them for a lovely evening and go your separate ways.

 Five Things to Say If You're Not Interested: 
1) "Best of luck and I hope you have fun on your future dates. Thanks again."
2) "I can see us becoming friends. I'd like to invite you to my next party."
3) "I had a good time but I don't think we have that much in common."
4) "I have a friend you might like, can I give him/her your number?"
5) "I feel the chemistry just isn't quite right between us." (Implies that it is a mutual thing.)

 Asking For Another Date If you've had a good time and you really like them, what do you need to do to seal the deal? Don't be afraid to say so. Be as enthusiastic as you feel. Say, "I had a great time and I'd love to do it again soon." Then hand them one of your business cards. The ball is in their court and they'll call if they are interested. If you receive a card, I recommend calling the next day to say thank you or indicate you would like to go on another date. 

Five Things to Say If You ARE Interested: 1) "I had a great time. Would you like to get together again soon?"
2) "Would you be interested in dinner next time?"
 3) "This was a great lunch. I'd like to get to know you better."
4) "I'm going hiking on Sunday and would love for you to join me."
5) "Now that the hard part is out of the way, are you interested in going out again."

 In the end, honesty is the best policy. Treat the other person as you would want to be treated.