Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What Are You Dressing As? Approachable Vs Sexy Costumes

From lavish costumes to the electric vibe of the evening, it is easier than normal to approach that special someone on Halloween.

Turns out that while men and women are more attracted to singles in sexy costumes (no surprise, there), they feel that potential matches in funny costumes are much easier to approach. The disparity between attraction and approachable comes down to something I like to call the "in."

The "in" is the tiny token that someone can use to break the ice, further conversation and take a chance at winning you over. It's more than noticing how hot the man dressed in navy uniform looks. It's more about being able to notice something and use that as the launch pad to engage you in conversation.

An "in" doesn't have to be extreme. It's just a way to take your costume to the next level to encourage the approach of interested suitors. Think of Little Red Riding Hood's basket. If Little Red handed out candy to people as a way of starting a conversation,it would also double as an "in" for anyone seeking to talk with her.

The key here is to tone down the sex appeal while giving your outfit a bit more "umph" in the approachable area. What can you do to add a bit more interaction to your costume?