Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Dating Post Break-Up: Have Your Story & Make It Short

It's been a long road but you're finally ready to take on the singles' scene after a divorce and the termination of a long-term relationship.

When it comes to discussing your marriage and former spouse, less is more. No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, talking about it will only paint you in a bad light. If your ex left you, anything you share could be misconstrued as an unwillingness to let go of your marriage. Conversely, if you instigated the divorce, discussing your departure may make you appear callous. Either way, your date will likely see red flags waving.

The key here is to focus on connecting with your date and letting them get to know you rather than feeling you need to explain your status or setting the record straight on your first marriage.

However, if your date prods you with repeated questions about your marriage, respond vaguely and concisely à la, "We married too young and grew apart" or "Our lives just started moving in different directions." Then change the topic immediately. To divert additional questioning, politely add, "Thanks for your interest, but I'd much rather spend our time getting to know you."

If you continue to see each other, further discussion about past relationships will likely ensue but initially, daters should concentrate on their potential future together as opposed to excavating their pasts.

Place your past firmly behind you by stepping away from your old life and moving enthusiastically toward your new one!