Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Top 3 Dating Tips from It's Just Lunch Matchmakers

Okay, you've got a date. Great! You mustered up the courage to suggest an outing and got a "yes."  Feeling good?

It's perfectly normal to be nervous about looking good, anticipating conversation topics and wondering about post-date etiquette. What if it doesn't go well? What if it does?

Hold on. The truth of it is - dating is way more simple than all that. In fact, dating is about getting to know someone better. You're only goal is to discover whether you want to see them again. That's it.

There are thousands of blogs, articles and websites dedicated to the rules of dating. When it comes down to it, there are three things to keep in mind on your first date with that special someone:

1) Be on Time!
You know what it feels like to wait in a doctor's office. The nerves, tension and anxiety. Imagine adding the fact that maybe the man in the white coat has stood you up and no one is going to call your name. It feels like that. First dates are stressful enough as it is. Make a point to show up on time. If you are delayed, let your date know at the earliest convenience so she/he can adjust their schedule to avoid the "sit and wait" scenario.

2) Dress as You Would an Interview
The goal of an interview is to get on the short list of hire potentials. Dating is like that. You want to present your best foot forward for two reasons. The first is that a presentation of our best selves will leave a good impression on our date. The second is that by looking your best, you will feel your best. If you feel empowered and confident, that will be transferred to your date.

3) 50/50 Rule of Conversation
Spend some time talking, but equally important…. Spend some time listening! Engage in the conversation- ask questions and follow-ups. Be prepared to answer questions with more than just a yes or no.

That's it. The rest of it is enjoying yourself, learning about the other person and seeing where the connection will take you.