Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Listening is the Easiest Way to Impress Your Date

How often do you practice your "elevator pitch" for the upcoming networking event? How many times have you rehearsed what you should say on a first date? Or what you are going to say if they ask about work (family, hobbies)?

We all do it. It's our way of handling the expected -- nerves! Most of us approach a date thinking of what it is we want to tell the other person. Our personal "elevator pitch" that highlights our successes, accomplishments and what makes us a great catch. Rather than a conversation, the back and forth exchange starts to sound like a retelling of our relationship resumes. Not really talking, just getting out what has to be said.

The easiest way to turn the date around is with three simple words: Listen.  Reflect.  Respond.

Listen to what your date has to say. Think about what was just mentioned. Respond with a question that furthers the conversation or add your RELATED story.

Men and woman are more impressed with a potential partner who talks WITH as opposed to one who talks AT them.