Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Light a Fire with Your Date: Go Camping

So, you've been out with your new sweetheart several times. You've done the dinner date, been to concerts in the park and even backyard barbecues with each of your besties.  By now, you know she takes her coffee sans milk and that he's not fond of shellfish. Yet, you find yourself wondering if this person could be "the one." How do you know she is right for you?

It's time to test your true colors in a potentially make or break activity that is cleverly disguised as camping.

Go Camping as a Date
As the saying goes, you don’t really know people until have to rough it with them. Hitting the mountains with a tent, backpack and sleeping bag strips a relationship down to the bare essentials and can be a good indicator of the success of a future relationship. Both parties are out of their usual environment and forced to work together towards a common goal (such as erecting a tent or even finding firewood). How do the two of you react to stress? Or do you laugh off your mistakes and just enjoy the scenery?

Here are a few tips when planning a camping date with your honey:

A first trip (and the planning of it) is symbolic of things to come. How do you want to set the tone? Mutually agree upon the camping destination and activities. If you’re into mountain climbing and she’s not, maybe you’ll want to consider a rafting trip. I also recommend more than just an overnight adventure. It's easy to put up with certain conditions overnight but more than one tends to shine a spotlight on our quirks.

What if you get stung by a bee? Sprain an ankle on the mountain? Unexpected incidents can only be expected when camping, but they can also be stressors on a budding romance. Have band-aids on hand and a Plan B for rain.

No matter how you camp, you will be alone with your honey for an extended period of time. Use the time to get to know one another. Share childhood stories or dreams about the future. Debate the best way to make an ice cream sundae. Smile. Handhold while climbing the trail. Let Mother Nature fuel your passion for each other.

Be prepared to see your sexy companion in ways you have never seen them before. Without curling irons, makeup or a long hot shower, will they still be sexy after an all-day climb? Since perfumes and smelly creams can attract unwanted attention from certain critters, be prepared to welcome the intimacies of camping -- for better or worse. Bedhead, marches in the wood to do your business and the fine art of brushing your teeth by the creek are just a few of the highlights. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

Something to keep in mind. It's emotional intimacy, being able to share your truest, deepest and most vulnerable self with your significant other when makes us feel loved. Skip judgments and focus on how you connect, how comfortable you are being yourself around them and how often you laugh together.

A relationship is like any other long-term investment: it requires a great deal of time, effort and devotions. Couples can come and go, but real relationships are those that can survive whatever life throws at them. They go through it together and come out closer than before.