Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lean In, Think Big When It Comes to Love

Lean In Dating First DAte Toronto Singles
There's been plenty of buzz around Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Movement. The bare bones of the idea is to encourage women via forums, groups, lectures, circles and other methods of support to "lean in" to their careers. Push forward towards positions of leaderships.

I believe in the well-rounded person. If you are working to advance your career using a "lean in" approach, let's use the same technique to push forward with your relationships goals.

"My what?"

That's right. I said goals. You spend time, money and energy on your career, workouts and finances. Now you need to focus on romance. Life is about creating balance in all areas of your life. It isn't about letting your career dominate and push all other aspects into the background. Embrace your ability to multi-task and think big when it comes to love.

Here's how:

1) Call On Your Friends
If you needed help with a project, achieving a promotion or getting a business off the ground, you would send out a "hey, help a friend out" email to your contact list, Facebook friends and "circles." Why not when you are dating or even thinking about jumping into that pond? Your friends, if they know you are looking, will help you find the way to true love. The more the merrier.

2) Find Yourself While Dating
Dating is a chance for you to learn more about yourself. It's the Golden Ticket for you to try something new, such as a class or sport. It's the opportunity to date outside of your usual professions, age ranges or hair colour preference. This is a time to challenge yourself, your likes and who you are.

3) Check Your Expectations
Not every business meeting ends with a new client signing on the dotted line, but you will feel better about each meeting if you didn't walk in there with that expectation. Approach dating as not just looking for an important relationship, but as enjoying life. Date with the intention of making a new friend rather than expecting to meet your life partner.

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