Wednesday, 10 June 2015

3 Dating Trends That Need to Be Deleted

Every generation is governed by dating rules. Those guidelines we shouldn't cross or have to follow in the pursuit of love.

The tricky thing is that singles feel they have to follow these arbitrary rules as they change from generation to generation. For example, the don't call within three days has become the text within three minutes of the termination of the date.

Here are just a few dating rules generated by the age of technology that we encourage you to break:

1) Updating Your Status
For many, changing of the Facebook status put a beginning (an an ending) time stamp to every new relationship. It was announcing to friends (old and new), family and even exs that you are moving on, a hot commodity and digging your new mate.

A relationship's start and end isn't dictated by Facebook status changes, likes or comments. It comes down to the two of you. Focus on what is between the two of you and leave the technology labels out of it.

2) Selfies and Online Photo Albums
All of those people who were once MySpacers know that technology comes and goes. New fads spring up, old sites go down. Don't keep your memories stored only on a computer or via an app. Print them out. Share them. Out of sight is out of mind and that is no good for a blossoming relationship.

3) Venting About Your SO Via Social Media
I get it. People need to vent, discuss and bond over the latest dumb thing their sig other has done. But to do it via social media without discussing with him is shaming and its shameful. Before jumping up on the digital podium, consider how you would feel if he/she was spamming all their friends about your latest antics. Be responsible for what you choose to share with the masses. You're not dating them. Your relationship shouldn't be shared with them.