Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Refile Your Relationships to Find Love

"That's my neighbor, John."
"Rita? Just a girl from work."
"He's just a friend."

It's human nature for us to label, categorize and slot people into narrowly defined files within our mental relationship Rolodex.

Case in point: Actress Cameron Diaz and her current beau, Good Charlotte founder and member Benji Madden, have been friends since the 41-year-old actress was dating Justin Timberlake. The two of them have only recently started dating after they realized they may have more in common than just their circle of friends.

Just because someone falls into one grouping doesn't mean a relationship cannot be built. A guy can bust free of the Friend Box to enter the Potential Partner dating rink.

In fact, these types of relationships can be beneficial and more stable in many ways. There is a deeper connection via common ground from the other areas of your life.

There's a magic in knowing that someone just gets you.A former friend or co-worker may understand you in ways you never thought, giving you a more solid foundation during the awkward dating process.  

In short, don't be afraid to refile your neighbor, office mate or that friend of a friend you met at last year's Canada Day barbecue. It may be the best thing you do.