Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Winter Dating Survival Tips

Winter Dating Tips Ideas
How often do your plans get waylaid due to the bone-chilling temperatures or unexpected temper tantrums from Mother Nature?

December in Toronto can be cold, miserable and, quite frankly, isolating. Who wants to battle the harsh conditions outside when Netflix and hot cocoa sounds so much more inviting.

Tis a harsh season for those seeking social encounters. It's not easy to look like a 10 on the hotter-than-hot scale when you are wearing three layers of wool and a pair of long underwear.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you muster up the courage to head out during the winter holiday season:

1) Everyone is Wearing Winter Clothes
A bundled up person can inspire tender feelings. While you may not be at your sexiness, you're probably rating pretty high on the cute meter. And everyone loves a person with confidence -- and that comes from feeling at ease in six layers of hoodie. So, gear up and head out to the local cafe, fireside table at the local pub or to the movies. Get your wooly self out and in the mix. 

2) Singles Potluck
Make your friends fight the blizzard conditions for a potluck dinner at your pad. Featuring warming items like homemade stew or the best dang chili ever is sure to bring a few smiles. If nothing else, it's a fantastic way to blow out a Sunday afternoon.

3) Cookie Baking Get Togethers
Speaking of blowing out an afternoon on food! Schedule a cookie baking get together with friends. Bake cookies and swap to make fun, edible gifts while being social!

4) Enjoy Winter Activities
It's cold but there are several things that are pretty darn fun to do in the lower temperatures like snowshoeing, ice skating or even watching a minor league hockey game at the community center. There's even scientific research that says our connection with others grow stronger with physical activity. 

5) Perfect Time to Test the Waters
From the first of the year to about Valentine's Day is the busiest time of the year for online dating sites as singles attempt to make good on their "find a mate" resolutions. Not to mention people have recaptured some of their personal time after the holiday flurry of parties, families and other expectations. In short, this is the perfect time for testing the waters of dating sites or matchmakers. 

6) Reconnect with Those Close to You
Okay, so you have elected to stay in, curled up on the couch. Fair enough. Use this time to call your best friend across the country or your sister on the coast. Nothing warms us faster than reconnecting with loved ones -- well, except for homemade hot chocolate.

Happy Holidays!