Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ask the Matchmaker: How Do I Find My Dream Guy?

Q: How would I go about meeting someone 50- 60 white professional male?
-- Posted to the It's Just Lunch Toronto Facebook page

A: This is one of the more frequent questions I receive from friends, family and even people who I cross paths with at cocktail parties: how do I meet my ideal mate?

The top three challenges singles face when searching for their match is making the time for dating, knowing where to find like-minded people and keeping an open mind during the process.

1) Making Time for Dating
It's been crazy for you. You've had several business projects find their way to your desk, many with tight deadlines. You spend the majority of your day in meetings, traveling to those locations and stuck in traffic for thirty minutes each way for your commute. Your gym card has a fine layer of dust on it. The holidays are coming and you haven't even thought about making plans.

In short, you are in a committed relationship with your job. A growing number of singles are spending long hours at work behind a computer rather than meeting potential matches and developing long-term relationships.

Dating is work -- but you have to put in the hours to reap the benefits.

Make the time. Like taxis and job opportunities, when one appears, a whole slew of others seem to follow. The hardest part is getting started. Step away from that safety zone, return that call and start dating. Your future self will thank you.

2) Develop Interests to Find Interesting People
Interesting singles are all around you. But chances are you are consumed with busy lives and a few insecurities about approaching strangers you find attractive. The key is to notice your surroundings and the people in them. Strike up conversations with the barista, the guy waiting behind you at the store checkout. Having a genuine interest in getting to know new people will be move valuable than you think. You never know who that person might introduce you to in the future.

To meet new people, try taking a new class or say yes to that party invite from the guy down the hall. Branching out, pursuing our interests is the way to find new people with similar interests. In short, break out of your day to day rut to open the doors to new opportunities.

3) Open Yourself Up to the Potentials
One of the most common mistakes I see people making when dating is that they repeatedly date the same type of person and expect different results. Open yourselves up to connecting with people who have similar core values but different professions, backgrounds and interests. That doesn't mean to let go of your deal breakers. Everyone has preferences -- just consider if maybe they are a bit too limiting.

4) Benefits of It's Just Lunch and IJL Elite
Let the experts at It's Just Lunch Toronto do the work for you. A matchmaking service for busy professionals, the matchmakers at It’s Just Lunch take the time to learn what you’re looking for and help you find it. You never know when that low pressure lunch date is going to turn into someone you’d love to take home for the holidays.

We also have a specialized branch, IJL Elite, where executive matchmakers help busy professionals find their match. We are always looking for qualified matches for our clients. Take a moment to fill out the online form and one of our professional matchmakers will follow up with you for a personal and confidential interview. We will take care of all the arrangements and coordinate the first date.

In the end, the road to romance is determined by your focus, willingness to participate and how open you are to potential matches. You are in the driver seat. Be proactive about your dating.