Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Add a Spark to Your Dating Life with Creativity

When you are in the throes of dating, it is easy to feel like you are in a rut. Each new face is met in the same way - over dinner, lunch, coffee or after work cocktails.

Does this sound like your last date? The one before? How about before that?

Opting for the same, repetitive type of date for each new person can become routine and boring for you. The meal date covers something you both need to do -- eat but rarely touches upon what you find interesting or want to do with another person.

The feeling of boredom or been there done that can actually translate into how you see the other person. They just get added to the blur of dating without being given a chance to stand out.

If you want an exciting dating life, YOU have to make it exciting. When planning a meeting, consider all your options and not just the ones that need a reservation. Consider a walk along the seawall, visit a downtown market or try ice skating.

The more you look forward to the dating event, the more you are looking forward to the person you are going to meet.