Friday, 13 June 2014

Single: Tips for Looking for Love Again . . . Father's Day Special: $200 Off

Each of us has our own path to travel when it comes to success in dating. You may have some circumstances that make your dating life a bit challenging. Perhaps you were recently divorced and hesitant to jump into the deep end, much less create an online profile. Or maybe scheduling dates has had some road blocks as you adjust to juggling babysitters, gymnastic practice times and little league weekend games as a single parent.

Getting back into the dating game as a single parent, can be a bit daunting. That's why we suggest that single parents make a list of what you want from a potential mate:

* In one column, list what qualities you consider "absolutely necessary" in the people you want to date. This could be "an enthusiasm and love for children."

* In the second column, consider the qualities that are "somewhat necessary." Such as "well-educated" or income levels.

* In the last column, list the qualities that are "not absolutely necessary" but may be nice.  Such as "being a fan of your favorite hockey team."

Lunch dates can be the perfect way to test the waters. The first few dates are about exploring and getting to know the other person. Seeing if the two of you click on the chemistry level.  Luncheon dates fit easily into your work schedule while the kids are in school or at day care and won't impact your home life much at the beginning.

When you are ready, and depending upon their age, it is recommended that you talk with your kids about your desire to date. Think of your honesty as a seed that will grow into their future acceptance -- even before you start dating.

Kids are an important part of your life, but don't forget to make your happiness a priority too. Give yourself the opportunity to get to know someone before you start sizing up  their parental potential.

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Happy Father's Day . . . and happy dating!