Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Meet Your Match This Summer: Season's Hottest Meet Spots

Meet Your Match This Summer
Now that Victoria Day has come and gone, summer is officially here. Whether you are heading out for a few martinis on the patio with friends, volunteering at the local dog shelter or taking a sunset painting class, your chances of meeting your match increase ten-fold just by getting out of the house.

Warmer temperatures and longer days translate into more options for mix and mingling with potential love interests or your new found crush. Here are a few ideas for getting out and making the most of what the season and your community has to offer:

Yard Sales/Flea Markets/Book Faires
People are clearing out their clutter in the hopes that their mess is someone else's ideal treasure. This is also a great way to mix and mingle with others as you sift through bins of interesting book titles, scraps of fabric or forgotten record stashes.

Wine Tastings & Dinners
Even if you area  wine connoisseur, tastings are a great way to network. Yet again, it is an event that reveals more about our likes and dislikes while encouraging conversation about what our taste buds are experiencing. From field trips to local wineries to an event hosted by a local restaurant, a wine tasting is a great way to mix and mingle with people who share a common love of the fermented grape.

U-Pick Berries
Nothing beats fresh fruit on a hot day. Grab your bucket and head to a nearby farm that allows you to meander through the berry patches.You never know who you may encounter while plucking blueberries of the shrub.

Food Festivals
From fried to gourmet, food festivals offer a taste for our inner foodies while providing the perfect meeting ground for potential love. Bounce from line to line and chat with the hottie standing in front of you. Its a great way to network, mix and mingle while enjoying a new dish.

Volunteering is Sexy
Volunteering is a rewarding way for you to connect with new people who share similar values while doing something positive for your community. You'll also build camaraderie as you work together on projects.  From caring for pups to pulling weeds for the elderly, find a group that inspires you.

Tennis, Anyone?
If you're a sports enthusiast, joining a league or a "learn to" class is the best ways to meet other athletic or sports-centered singles. Socializing after the match or game provides further opportunities to meet and mingle. Golf, tennis and softball are among the best sports to find successful eligible professionals.

Farmers' Markets
Usually held on the weekend, Farmers' Market is an excellent meeting place. Vendors line the sidewalks or grassy areas, selling their fresh produce, fresh baked breads or homemade creations. Its a great chance to discuss the differences between the four varieties of apples or goat versus cow cheese. There are literally thousands of conversation starters available to you. Spot someone you are interested in? Find out what they are browsing and inject your opinion or ask for theirs.

In the end, dating is a numbers game. The more potential mates you meet, the more likely it is that you will find the one. If you are hoping fate drops him/her off at your door, think again.

Getting out the door, saying hello and even starting a conversation with a stranger (although, scary, I know), is the best way to shift the odds into your favor. Summer just offers more options. Lace up your sneaks and head out there. Your one step away from love.