Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Be Different This Valentine's Day

A quick Google search will reveal lists of blogs, articles and postings about the best Valentine's Day date ideas or events. Dinner and movie? While it may be a throwback to a first date or tapping into high school memories, I think Valentine's Day is the ideal day to go all out. Push the romantic boundaries and think outside of the fancy restaurants with menu items you can't pronounce.

Here are just a few ideas for stepping up the romance factor without having to make reservations:

1) Hit the Ice
Grab your honey and head for the ice or roller skating rink for a couple of spins. Hold hands and be prepared for some snuggling on the ice. Extra points for post-skate hot chocolate!

2) Sit Under the Stars
Okay. It's way to cold for lying under the stars, but the you can enjoy the night sky at the Ontario Science Centre's planetarium show.  Spending some time together in a new environment can cause sparks to fly.

3) Play Fort
Remember hanging sheets in your parents living room or basement to create a hidden oasis for you and your besties? Create the same feeling with your significant other. Spend the evening talking, dreaming and playing games. The isolation will bring you two closer together -- and it doesn't cost a thing!

4) Dessert Bar
Skip the calories of a large entree and move right into the sweet bliss of dessert. Create your own dessert bar on the coffee table. From chocolate cookie crumbles to Smarties, get creative with sundae toppings for a DIY ice cream bar.

5) Now Showing: The Best of You
There are pictures stashed on our Smartphones, tablets and digital cameras from Aunt Sally's surprise birthday, the impromptu trip to the beach or the winter getaway to Maui. Create a slideshow of the milestones, highlights and most memorable moments to watch from the comfort of your couch.

When it comes down to it, Valentine's Day isn't about the coin your spend or getting into the fancy restaurants. It's about taking time to show the special person in your life just how special they are to you. Think outside of the box and it will win you big points in the romance department.