Thursday, 10 October 2013

What Can Warm Your Heart This Fall

Fall Dating Tips - Positivity - Good in People
So seems like our Indian Summer has just about come to an end. And for many, the darker days of Fall are occupied closing up the cottage, putting away the summer lawn furniture. Part of life, but maybe not our fav moments. Its a time of year associated with a loss of energy and positivity. But if you are single...this can be the kiss of death. Everything can look dark...even your dating prospects. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. Sometimes all you really need is a slight shift in how you look at life to experience significant improvement in your dating life, especially if your goal is making it past your first dates.
There is a widespread belief that energy flows where ever your attention goes. Similarly, attraction goes wherever positive energy flows. Think about it. If your attention is focused on what you do well and the things that make you happy, then you will be sure to attract someone with a similar disposition. Conversely, if your attention is focused on everything that is wrong with you, the people you end up dating, or the perhaps even the world itself, then you’re pretty much going to reap what you sow.
Your mindset alone can really dictate your dating experiences for the better for the worse. It’s the #1 factor you have 100% control over that can improve your dating life significantly. So I have come up with a few simple tips designed to help you experience a change in mindset for an improved dating life.
1. Choose to see the good in people.
Matchmakers and dating specialists alike have talked to and met with dozens of professional singles. It can sometimes be rather disturbing to hear how jaded people have become over their dating prospects. Stop obsessing over the mental checklist in your head and start focusing on all the things your date is doing right, regardless if you are attracted to them or not. Be sure to acknowledge that this person may not be for you, but appreciate their more admirable qualities and hope to find those same qualities in someone with whom you feel a stronger attraction for.
2. Accept that people aren't perfect.
No one is perfect--Not you nor your date, and certainly not your proverbial prince or princess. When singles adhere to a checklist of criteria, they tend to lose sight of what’s really matters the most. How does this person make you feel when you are around him or her? How do you make that person feel when he or she is around you?
Everyone has their quirks, but if you wanted to be treated the way you want to be treated, some quirks are worth all the love in the world while other quirks are really just red flags. Know the difference and draw your boundaries appropriately.
3. Infect people with your smile.
It’s a well known fact that people who wear a smile on their face are typically rated as more attractive than people who rarely sport a smile. While this may mostly be true among women, the opposite appears to be true among men. In fact, researchers at the University of British Columbia discovered that brooding men were found more attractive by women than happy, men. Go figure - maybe its related to the rain!
But guys, that doesn't mean you should start walking around with scornful faces. If you happen to see a woman you’re attracted to, don’t be afraid to at least flash her that sexy smirk of yours, especially if you hope to start a conversation with her. Plus, it’s let’s a woman know you’re still interested when she feels like she can make you smile.
And speaking of looking on the bright side, while it may be damp and sure makes cuddling up in front of a warm and inviting fire with a hot mocha seem like the perfect end to a great date!