Monday, 5 November 2012

Dating Meets the Canadian Cold Season

With November coming, we Canadians can count on 3 things: shorter days, colder weather, and the dreaded cold and flu season! The cold remedy ads are already ramped up to full and one by one we see our colleagues fall to ‘the worst cold ever’…at least for a few days. And yes, it messes up a lot of well-laid plans - especially, if you are a matchmaker setting up first dates!
Unfortunately, we all only get one chance at a first date. What if this is THE ONE…and I am coming down with a brutal cold? Do I take a double dose of Cold FX and pray I will be “ok” or do I risk altering the universe by postponing my perfect date?

Those questions run through the minds of most single people this time of year. And yes, while it is never nice to have a bad cold, it’s a lot more comforting when you are in a stable relationship, and can count on your mate to see you through.
But, it is our reality…so as a professional matchmaker, here is my best advice!

 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s a good place to start.
  • No one wants to catch a cold. And no one wants to go out with you if you are coughing, wheezing and sneezing.
  • Most of us don’t like last minute cancellations.
  • There is a tomorrow!
So the best plan is to contact your date as early as you can, and make an alternate arrangement.  Be sure they know you are disappointed!  Then, reconnect as soon as you are back on your feet.

But what if it hits you just as the date is about to start? That feverish flush, the tingling scalp… but they are already on their way.  Well, that is a tough call.  If it’s not too bad, maybe suggest a slightly quieter and relaxed venue. But if it’s really hitting you, then you will need to apologize, laugh about the misfortune, and stay in touch. The important thing is to be genuine, and ensure they know that you really did want to get together!

The other thing we Canadians know is that we will recover, the days will get longer, and hopefully your rescheduled date will go well!  Maybe next time your date can bring you some tea and a box of Kleenex!