Wednesday, 25 January 2012

20 Years of First Dates – Part 3: First Date Tips for Men

From first impressions, to chemistry and wordplay, there are a lot of little things a person can do to attract the opposite sex on a first date; and most of these can be applied to both sexes. But are there some that may only apply to men or women exclusively? Of course, and that’s why in our It’s Just Lunch Dating Survey, we took a look at the top behaviors that both men and women expect on a first date.  For the men…

 Men: Chivalry Isn’t Dead
 Trends and attitudes toward the sexes may come and go, but one thing is for certain, gentlemen: chivalry never goes out of style. Treat your date well, and you’re well on your way to landing a second date. Treat her more like your college bud and, well, don’t expect her to sit by the phone waiting for your call.
  1. Smile:  When your date arrives and you make eye contact with her, smile! It’s such a simple tip, but it’s an immediate way to create chemistry, (which we’ll talk about in part 4.)
  2. Say Something: Great conversation and wordplay leads to attraction. Be ready with things to talk about, even do your homework and find out what she’s interested in, but most importantly listen to what she has to say too.
  3. Straighten Up: Your body language tells a lot about whether or not you’re interested in someone. Standoffish, slouchy behavior isn’t attractive. Leaning toward your partner and using eye contact, however, is attractive.
  4. Get There 5 Minutes Before She Does: Unless it’s Carmageddon on the 405, there isn’t much of an excuse to be late these days. Use Google Maps and don’t be late. She’ll appreciate the fact that you arrived early.
  5. Treat Her Well: Remember we were talking about the little things? This means holding doors, allowing her to sit first, etc. In fact, make it an everyday habit and you’ll see it pay dividends.
  6. Treat Others With Respect: In our It’s Just Lunch survey, the biggest thing women mentioned they noticed about their date is how he treats others. Treat others with respect, and your date will notice… and approve.
  7. Compliment Her: No need to quote Shakespeare; but a few positive comments will make her feel comfortable
  8. Confidence is King: You might normally think, “Will she like me?” on a first date. Turn it around and ask yourself: “Will I like her?”
  9. Make Eye Contact: If you’re truly paying attention to her, she’ll notice if you make eye contact. If you don’t, she’ll think you’re bored or disinterested.
  10. Make Her Laugh: You don’t need to act like a stand-up comedian, but open up the creative side of your brain and make her laugh. She’ll feel more comfortable with you after that.